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My name is Steven J Mancine, originally from Maine, now living in Florida where I work for the totalizator company operating wagering systems at horse and greyhound tracks.
My background is widely varied, having worked in the fields of administration, construction, horse racing, regulatory (racing), facility management, and sales service.


The purpose of this invention is to enable contractors and "do-it-yourselfers" to build concrete walls in an efficient, cost effective, esthetically appealing manner without the need for excessive manpower and without the use of custom-built forms. Custom-built forms often utilize wood or wood laminates that can only be used once and discarded. Even when the wood forms can be reused, the labor involved in the setup, assembly and bracing can be excessive, and combined with the cost of removing, handling and storing the forms after the wall is completed, the overall cost is doubled. Our product provides a plastic interlocking block system that can be easily assembled with minimal additional materials, and becomes part of the final wall, eliminating the need for disassembly.
Although this was initially developed for use in building retaining walls, it is also useful and efficient for the construction of foundations, sound walls, property barriers, etc. The strength and stability of the finished wall using this system will be considerably greater than a cinder block wall, or concrete block & mortar wall of any kind.


The blocks used for the wall assembly are made of a rigid "High Impact Polystyrene" (HIPS) plastic material. The blocks themselves are interlocking (almost like the leggo blocks used by children) and when assembled provide a network of interconnected cavities that will ultimately be filled with liquid concrete. The plastic blocks are designed to provide for the insertion of steel reinforcement bar (rebar) in a vertical and horizontal configuration, as well as a rear-attached rebar for connecting the form to what is commonly called a "dead-man" anchoring system.
This wall assembly will be adaptable to many applications, terrains, slopes, obstacles, etc., and will be effective at various heights as well as variable heights.
The marketing and distribution of the finished product would involve an instruction manual addressing such issues as base preparation, rebar installation, bracing and deadman requirements, maximum pouring height, end parts and accessories, capping, drainage, etc. There will also be a well explained method of stabilization to prevent the assembly from "floating" as the concrete is introduced into the form.


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