To provide a modern "Green" technology for the construction industry with a product that can be widely used in commercial applications, as well as DIY projects, building concrete walls for almost any imaginable purpose in a cost effective, durable, and functional manner.

The specifications cited here are merely suggestions or examples, and ultimately subject to the engineering requirements, application testing, strength and capacity requirements, etc. Specifications will be referred to throughout this document, and are again subject to this same disclaimer. All are subject to change or modification as the we seek to address the many applications that may arise. The basic specifications of the main part are as follows (subject to change):
Height 8 inches
Length 18 inches
Width 9 inches Production of this part will be done by injection molding.

Long range plan:
Because this wall-forming system will ultimately involve a number of structural variations and versatility, requiring the use of a variety of supplemental component parts, it is important that the development of the "main" part be done in a manner that will lend itself to the implementation of the parts scheduled for later development. Connecting points and interlocking features must be designed with a high degree of precision so that all parts will match correctly. Examples of this are as follows:
A cap part, which is basically a plastic snap on ring might be used to lock the top row of blocks, and to create a smooth top surface (and cover the interlocking pins) when necessary.
90 degree (Right) and 90 degree (Left) wall turns require that the pins of the block sidewalls, align with the receptacles on the bottom side of the block end walls.
As demand dictates, additional blocks might be designed with different facing designs, colors, textures (such as imitation stone), etc.

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